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As part of an overall security

and ethics plan, an

anonymous hotline plays a

significant role in assuring

ethical business conduct.

Break the Silence, Prevent the Event
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Security Voice, Inc. is one of America's leading providers for ethics, communication, compliance, and anonymous reporting systems. In the business world of today, an employer needs to take every possible step to protect themselves and their employees from activities and events that could negatively impact their organization. Here are just some of the things that we can help your company prevent: · Theft/embezzlement/occupational fraud · Human Resource issues, such as harassment, policy violations & discrimination · Drug & alcohol abuse · Safety issues/Workplace violence · Accounting & auditing irregularities Every year companies lose millions of dollars because of wrongdoing or criminal activity with the company. Misappropriation of company assets means lost profits. Safeguard your assets and protect your bottom line with an anonymous hotline provided by Security Voice.  Employee tips are the number one source for identifying fraudulent activity.

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