Rapid Notification Services

It pays to be prepared, not only for peace of mind but to protect you and your company from liability. A vital part of any effective crisis management plan involves the management of information communication. How will you reach everyone, every time you need to update information? How fast can you reach them? Whatever the emergency, One Call Now ensures that you can reach your stakeholders rapidly.

Plan Features

Business Continuity Plans include:

  • Unlimited calls, texting, and emails for emergency notification and business continuity
  • Up to 6 phone number contact points for each employee
  • Up to 5 email addresses for each employee
  • 90 second message recording time
  • High priority message delivery
  • Notifications that are guaranteed to start within 60 seconds
  • 24/7/365 emergency tech support
  • Integration modules to synchronize HR personnel data with our call lists
  • The flexibility to split your company into unlimited departments or call groups
  • The ability to assign an unlimited number of messengers

One Call Now:

  • Reaches your designated group quickly
  • Is used by tens of thousands of schools, businesses, military, police, religious organizations and youth groups nationwide
  • Dials thousands of numbers in minutes
  • Sends telephone, texting, and email messages to everyone on your list within seconds
  • Provides post-call reporting to verify those who were reached

It’s Simple to Set Up:

You only need a PC with an Internet connection to manage databases consisting of all names, phone numbers and emails. You do not need extensive technical knowledge to set up and maintain your lists.

Keep your staff informed!

No charge for set up, online Webinar training and tech support.